Kinjiro no Oni

Kinjiro no Oni

Kinjiro no Oni was an oni of the Shadowlands

Assaulting the Crab Lands Edit

Kinjiro no Oni harassed the Crab border for months in the years 714-715, employing feints and harassing attacks to keep the defenders off-balance and disperse their forces. [1] Then Kinjiro no Oni led a small group of Shadowlands creatures in an assault on the sparsly defended Tidal Landbridge along the coast controlled by the Crab Clan. His incursion led to the Battle of Tidal Landbridge in 715. Kinjiro was swallowed by the rising sea at high tide while fighting the forces of Daidoji Daimyo Daidoji Masashigi. [2] [3]

Description Edit

Kinjiro no Oni resembled a gigantic man-o'-war jellyfish. Its body was nearly liquid, and the tentacles coming from its body could be hundreds of feet long. It possessed a paralyzing touch, and secreted acid around its tentacles to sever limbs from its victims. [4]

Fate Edit

The Kinjiro no Oni was still trapped along the Coast of Dark Mist, still pinned to a rock by Kotoku, the yari wielded by Daidoji Masashigi. It could not create spawn or reanimate due to its distance from the Shadowlands, but could survive indefinitely, mostly due to the absorption of the essences of its entire army and the fallen Crane in the area. [4]

Kotoku's Fate Edit

The oni attacked any who approached to retrieve Kotoku. Daidoji Chutei lost an arm, severed from his shoulder, in one of the attempts. [4] Kotoku eventually was retrieved by the Crane in the second half of the 12th century. [5] It was unknown what happened to Kinjiro.

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