Kinei was a Mantis singer who founded the Village of the Grand Song.

Singer Edit

During the rule of Gusai as a Mantis Clan Champion a young Kinei attended Dojo Raiden, but proved worthless as shugenja, sailor, or bushi. He went on a Musha Shugyo, a warrior's pilgrimage, to find his purpose. [1]

Rewarded Edit

Kinei returned to Kyuden Gotei and was admitted by Gusai to his presence. Using his talents as singer Kunei had received a lifetime's payment in five years, proving he was a true Mantis. Gusai allowed Kinei to colonize one of the southern islands, where he found the Village of the Grand Song, and the small Grand Song Dojo to teach the fine arts to the rare Mantis who has talent for such things. [1]


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