Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Ichiro Saruno 
Siblings: Ichiro Gofuki

Ichiro Saruki was born in the Ichiro family until she became Kimiko, the okasan of the House of the Morning Dew, in the City of Honor's Sacrifice.

Ichiro family Edit

Saruki was daughter to Ichiro Saruno and had a brother, Ichiro Gofuki. [1]

Geisha Edit

As member of a defunct clan, the Badger, Saruki grew sick of the constant struggle to reclaim the past. She left her family, coming under the tutelage of a traveling okasan, becoming a geisha for the next fifteen years. Saruki used to convice her suitors to escape together, then frittering the money away and casting the humiliated samurai aside. [1]

Okasan Edit

Saruki managed to buy her contract and opened a geisha house at Toshi no Meiyo Gisei, becoming the okasan Kimiko. She hired a group of loyal ronin to keep the peace within the building, while willingly volunteered to the Ikoma spy network any information her women happened to pry from their visitors, keeping her business safe from the local magistrates. Kimiko had an exotically beautiful gaijin woman with golden hair and pale blue eyes who possessed a haunting voice, only for her best clients. [2]

Kiling her Brother Edit

In 1159 her brother Gofuki, who had been searching the Empire for the whereabouts of his runaway sister, found Saruki in the House of the Morning Dew. Kimiko ordered Gofuki killed, and he was soon found dead. The local magistrate led a group of samurai on the tracks of the okasan. [1]


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