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Kikyo (Atarasi's Armor)

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Kikyo (Atarasi's Armor)
Atarasi's Armor
Created by: Hida Osano-Wo
First used by: None
Currently in the possession of: Unused in Kyuden Hida

Kikyo, also known as Atarasi's Armor, [1] was crafted by Hida Osano-Wo for his brother Hida Atarasi, whom he refused to believe had been killed in the Shadowlands. The armor rested in Kyuden Hida, awaiting the day legends told that a hero with Atarasi's eyes would come and claim it. [2] [3]

Wielders Edit

Famous Crab general were given the great honor of donning the Armor for the remainder of his career, which was always brief but glorious. [3]

Abilities Edit

The armor brought both a blessing and curse upon the wearer. It granted absolute immunity to all electrical and fire damage, but a piece of Osano-Wo's restless soul resided in the armor, urging the wearer into glorious battle. The wearer would enter in berserker trance when engaging in combat. All Shadowlands creatures had a natural hatred for the armor, and would desire to kill the wearer before any other foes. [3]

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