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The Turtle-shell Wagon, Kikkosha, or kamikosha, was a wooden wagon with a thick roof to protect the occupants from arrow fire. The soldiers would move the wagon to a castle wall and then dig under or through the fortifications. A smaller version of the turtle shell was commonly referred to as a "wooden donkey." [1]

Creation Edit

Inspired during a visit to the Mantis Islands, Akodo Tsunetomo came up with the kikkosha as a turtle's shell, protecting those inside from harm while they moved about the battlefield. With the aid of a Kaiu cousin, they created the first unit, which was shown at both the Kaiu Engineering Academy and the Castle of the Swift Sword Dojo. [2]

Mechanics Edit

Typically used in combination with mining crews, the kikkosha was wheeled up to a castle wall, where it allowed said crews to dig under or through fortifications, as necessary. The kikkosha were also used by some of the cannier Shadowlands creatures as goblins, Lost samurai and trolls. [2]

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