Dragon's Guard City

Dragon's Guard City

The Treacherous Pass City (A4) was named for the narrow pass throught the mountains, sitting in a valley on the seashore surrounded by the high mountains. [1]

Ryu Bannin Toshi Edit

Dragon's Guard City 2

Dragon's Guard City (A4)

The city was also known as Dragon's Guard City, named for the tale once told by a famous storyteller about a small girl who gave a dragon a rice ball, and the dragon promised in return that her family and all her descendants would know peace for a thousand years. The girls descendants had since then been numbered among the most prominent fishermen in Rokugan. [2] [1] The city rosed to become a very successful Seppun controlled fishing port, with enough docks to moor a small fleet. [3] A nearby town called Kiken na Roka Toshi, located at the southern entrance to the Treacherous Pass, was eventually absorbed into Ryu Bannin Toshi as a single urban center. [4]

Mantis Ambitions Edit

Dragon's Guard City was an extremely profitable holding that existed outside the spheres of the Great Clans. The leaders of the city, through the assistance of their allies in the Tortoise Clan, solicited the protection of the Mantis in exchange for a mutually beneficial arrangement of trade and defense. [5] The city was invaded by Mantis forces during the time of the Race for the Throne. They seized a secondary port south of Kyuden Kumiko but north of the Hub Villages. [3] By the end of the 12th century the direct Mantis influence in Dragon's Guard City waned. [6]

Port of Call to the Colonies Edit

Dragon's Guard City had grown considerably in the years since the Colonies were first established, as one of the few ports-of-call for Colony-bound shipping. [7]

Notable Buildings Edit

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