Kijuro family
Patron family: Morito family
Clan: Ox Clan
Founded: c. 1159 to 1165
Daimyo: Morito Kitaji

The Kijuro family was a vassal family in service to the Morito family of the Ox Clan.

Founding Edit

After Kijuro died valiantly on a mission for Hantei Naseru in 1159, his household was well-compensated by Naseru and the Miya family for his sacrifice. Morito, the Ox Clan Champion, was also pleased with Kijuro's service and gave Kijuro's oldest son the Kijuro family daimyoship as a reward upon his gempukku. [1] The first daimyo of the family was Morito Kitaji. [2]

Duty Edit

From the Western Keep, the family's seat of power, the Kijuro watched the Ox western border, [2] as Kijuro once did. The Kijuro were known for his devotion to perform their duty, and because they liked to enjoy sake and geisha houses. [3]

Kijuro Daimyo Edit

Morito Kitaji (c. 1159) - Present


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