Kiii was a nezumi of the Stained Paw Tribe.

City of Dreams Edit

Kiii was a guardian of the Stained Paw city, the City of Dreams. It was deep in the Shadowlands and they had to keeping guard against the wild beasts of the Shadowlands as well as any prying Nezumi eyes. The Stained Paw were followers of Daigotsu and attacked any other nezumi tribe. [1]

Intruder Edit

In 1160 while a big mindless oni were attacking the city wall, Kiii lurked an intruder, a white nezumi, an attacked him. Their duel was mighty, but she fell. She was so brave that she did not beg for her life, and the intruder was impressed, so he spared her. [1]

Ik'krt Edit

The intruder was Ik'krt, who was captured by the Tsuno after he saved the Stained Paw pups from the attack of an oni spawn that had breached the city defenses. She repaid Ik'krt by demanding that he be spared. The Stained Paw would look poorly upon the death of a Nezumi who saved their pups from a demon. [1]

One Tribe Edit

After the Battle of the One Tribe Kiii and the Stained Paw had fled the City of Dreams to another base deep in the Shadowlands. She met again Ik'krt who recognized Kiii. The white rat became the Rememberer of the tribe. [2]

External Links Edit

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