Daidoji Chiroku

The Ki-Rin tattoo on the back of Daidoji Chiroku

The Ki-Rin tattoo was a very rare tattoo of the Dragon Clan.

First Occurance Edit

There was only one recorded occurance of the tattoo in the history of Rokugan. Togashi Tsuneyo, a master tattoo artist of the Dragon Clan, was told of this tattoo by Daidoji Chiroku, who had seen it in a vision. No man in the empire was skilled enough to ink it, and it required a death in payment when it was finished. Tsuneyo was convinced by Chiroku that he should attempt the tattoo, and worked through the night and paid for the tattoo with his own life. It was believed that the Ki-Rin tattoo later transformed Chiroku into a Ki-Rin herself. [1] [2]

Another Occurance Edit

It was known that Togashi Nodogu bore it, and its powers were stolen by the madman Togashi Okkio, wearing Nodogu's skin. [3]

Later Occurances Edit

Ki-Rin tattoo

Ki-Rin tattoo

There was several Togashi Monk whom later displayed the Ki-Rin tattoo in the 12th century, [4] such as Togashi Ango [5] and Togashi Genshuo. [6]

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