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Ki-Rin Wardogs

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Ki-Rin Wardogs

Ki-Rin Wardogs

Ki-Rin Wardogs were a breed of canine brought by Unicorn Clan. They were strong, loyal and fierce. They were used in war efforts, due to its speed and ferocity. Unicorn had developed leather barding protecting their hides. Wardogs were exceptional trackers and excellent guards, [1] and they were commonly trained by the Moto family. [2]

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The Ki-Rin Wardogs were handled alone, with one being used to supplement investigative or magistrate work. However, they were also trained to function as a pack, completed with marching orders and a unit commander. They were quick on the attack, going for the throats of their targets unless they were given the command to subdue. [1] They were trained in the War Dog Master Dojo through an intensive series of exercises especially design to strengthen their bodies and teach them courage and resolve. The dogs wore their special barding at all times, and learned to recognize orders. [3]

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Unicorn War Dogs


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