Ki-Rin's Path

The Ki-Rin's Path

The Ki-Rin's Path was the road which connected Rokugan with the Second CityTwin Forks City and the southern part in the Colonies. [1]

Journey Edit

The Ki-Rin's Path was a long and arduous trek, consisting of three-four weeks of overland travel from Bugaisha, one of the most remote, westernmost regions of the Unicorn Clan's holdings before finally reaching the northern reaches of the Colonies, known as Journey's End Keep. [2] It traversed a series of passes in the Great Wall of the North Mountains, then descended into the Western Wastes, skirting the northern reaches of both the Shadowlands and the foul jungles that separated that vile land from the former Ivory Kingdoms. Once clear of the jungle, the route turned south and soon reached Journey's End Keep. [3] The mid-way point of the trip was marked by a recognizable stone formation. [4] The Unicorn Clan were charged with the safe-keeping of the Path. [5]

Attacks Edit

In 1198 the Khan's forces destroyed a gaijin ambushing party armed with oyumi, but the Unicorn did not uncovered their identity. [6] The Unicorn suddenly came under attack by a large, organized force, [7] and they had no choice but to fall back to a secondary route. The senior sensei of the Akodo War College, Akodo Uehara, recognized hints of the Yodotai strategies employed in these attacks. [4]

Lion - Unicorn Struggle Edit

Ki-Rin's Path 2

The Ki-Rin's Path

The Lion Clan pressed the Unicorn to grant them leave to patrol the route to the Colonies, but the recent Blood Feud between the Khan Shinjo Min-Hee and the late Lion Clan Champion Akodo Shinjiro blocked any attempt at cooperation. [4] The Spider Clan assisted the Unicorn in their hunt for the attackers, and they also took every opportunity to embarrass and outdo the Lion. [7]

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