Khol Wall 2

The Khol Wall

The Khol Wall was an extension of the Kaiu Kabe which run into Unicorn lands and protected the Western border of the Unicorn from the outside world. It was a gift for the Unicorn from the Crab by Crab Clan Champion Hida Kuon and began construction [1] in the first years of Toturi III's reign. In 1165 was already well underway. [2]

A New Wall Edit

Building the Khol Wall

Building the Khol Wall

It was designed and built under the guidance of Kaiu Umasu, [3] who had offered his aid during a visit of the khan Moto Chagatai to the Crab lands. [4] The Crab's gift of the wall, as well as siege engines, tactical advice and fortifications around the Unicorn village of Sukoshi Zutsu gained great favor with Chagatai. The Khan was so pleased that he gave his surplus rice to the Crab and fostered Hida Ichiro, son of Hida Kuon, to the Unicorn for training. [1] A dojo was built in the Zenzan province for the Kaiu to train Unicorn engineers, in a stripped-down, focused curriculum of wall construction and maintenance. [5]

Attacks Edit

The wall suffered several attacks, and the Unicorn Clan Champion Moto Chagatai ordered Moto Zhijuan to know who was behind. [6] It was discovered later that some of them some of them from the minions of the Dark Oracle of Fire. [7]

Yodotai Edit

Khol Wall

The Khol Wall

A group of Yodotai led by Phyrrus reached the wall. After the return of their leader, his honor guard was left behind. [7]

Symbol Edit

The Crab left their support during the Destroyer War, and the wall remained unfinalized at the dawn of the 13th century. Much of the Khol Wall was simple stone-faced turf, reinforced with timber, bolstered by ronin and ashigaru, designed to slow and channel attackers. Signal towers and couriers were ready to alert the Unicorn armies in an emergency. [5] In the aftermath of the Destroyer War the Khol wall functioned mainly as a symbolic boundary between the Unicorn lands and those beyond. [8]

Khol Wall 3

The Khol Wall

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