Khol Regulars

Khol Regulars

Khol Regulars were a unit of the Khol army.

Commander Edit

Moto Kang commanded the Khol Regulars during the Destroyer War. [1] They saw the war as a chance to clean the Khol's stance they bore since the Khan's Defiance. [2]

Fire in the Shinomen Mori Edit

In 1171 the Regulars made their best efforts to stop the wildfires near the northern edge of the Shinomen Mori which ravaged the dry plains near the region and threatened the Unicorn Clan's scouts stables with their legendary Shinjo Steeds. They choked them with the aid of the Dark Wind unit led by Moto Yuudai. [3]

Army of Fire Edit

A wyrm of incredible size and power known as the Great Wyrm drove back the Legion of Flame and a unit of Khol Regulars while they were chasing the Army of Fire during the Destroyer War. They were aided by sohei of the Spider Clan which assaulted the yobanjin flank, and disappeared immediately after the fight was over. [4]

Wave of Oni Edit

In 1172 a wave of Lesser Oni surged from the Crab lands to the provinces west of the Shinomen Mori. Ikoma Wardens and the Legion of Flame went to intercept the horde. [5] The oni pushed the Rokugani back across the Unicorn border. Khol Regulars were able to reach the line in time, and the swarm was destroyed. [6]

Militarized peasants Edit

A force of militarized peasants manipulated by a maho-tsukai was dispersed by the Regulars, and the Asako Inquisitors took care of the leader Shugenja. [7]

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