Khol Regulars

Khol Regulars

The Khol, also known as the Army of the Center, was the most elite of the three Unicorn armies. [1]

Creation Edit

Soon after the elevation of Moto Gaheris to the position of Khan, he expanded the Moto military organizational techniques, creating three armies, each of them fulfilling a specific role within the clan: under the command of the Khan himself, the Khol served to brutally crush all who opposed the Khan's might. [2]

Composition Edit

Serving as a heavy assault cavalry force, they were comprised of numerous heavy attack units, as well as contingents of the Moto White Guard, Utaku Battle Maidens and Shinjo Elite Guard. Due to the elite units that comprised this army, the army was mostly composed of Moto and Utaku samurai. [citation needed] The Khan served as the general of the Khol and hand-picked the men and women fighting in to what has evolved into his personal army. [3]

Below were some of the legions and units present in the Khol Army: [4]

First Legion Moto White Guard
Second, Fourth, Sixth, Eighth, Tenth Legions Utaku Battle Maiden
Third, Fifth Legions Shinjo Elite Guard
Seventh, Ninth, Eleventh Legions Shinjo Horsebowmen
Regular Infantry Legion, Reserve Company, 3rd Squadron Iuchi Scouts
Regular Infantry Legion, Reserve Company, 4th Squadron Shinjo Scouts
Regular Infantry Legion, Reserve Company, 5th Squadron War Dog Masters

Notable Engagements Edit

The Khol were deployed in the War of the Rich Frog in the initial invasion of Toshi sano Kanemochi Kaeru in 1165. [5] Three years later, the Khol and the Baraunghar were the main forces in the invasion of Lion lands during the Khan's march to the Imperial City, [6] and the Battle of Toshi Ranbo in 1169, [7] where they were decimated. [8]

Reconstruction Edit

The reconstructed Khol army engaged in 1172 the yobanjin Army of Fire in the Unicorn lands during the Destroyer War. The Lioness Legion, an elite unit of the Lion worked together with their former enemies. [9] Later from the Western Wastes arrived Centuriae, a human elite unit of the Destroyers. They were repelled by Khol and Junghar forces. [10]

Known Members Edit

Known Legions Edit

  • Fifth Legion, Southern Wind [12]

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