Kheth-tet was a Senpet officer in charge of parts of the Destroyer's Army of Kali-Ma and under the direct orders of the Rakshasa General.

Appearance Edit

Kheth-tet had a dark face adorned with even darker tattoos. [1]

Kaiu Wall falls Edit

In 1171 Khet-tet was present when the Destroyer's Horde smashed the Crab forces and breached the Kaiu Wall, letting hordes of Destroyers pour into Rokugan. [1]

Kyuden Hida Edit

After the Crab Clan Champion, Hida Kuon, sacrificed himself during a fight in the wall, murdering part of the Destroyers under his command, Khet-tet marched toward Shiro Kuni, to show Legulus how a battle could be handled. His forces smashing the defenders led by Horiuchi Nobane, who made their last stand. [2]

Seeking Rokugani records on Rakshasa Edit

A decent commander and warrior, he was also a cunning character and had been entrusted by his master to search for information about Raniyah, another Rakshasa. He failed in this mission but managed to find information about Adisabah in the ruins of Shiro Kuni. [3]

Kheth-tet resented the presence of another human officer at the head of the Rakshasa troups: the Yodotai Legulus. According to the Rakshasa, this resentment was mutual and produced a useful emulation. [3]

Second Battle of Three Man Alliance Plain Edit

In the month of the Serpent of 1173, [4] at the Second Battle of Three Man Alliance Plain, Kheth-tet was leading a group of pacharmus, the massive elephant shaped demons. They attempted to ambush the Crane army led by Daidoji Kikaze which was defending against the main Destroyer assault. Fortunately for the forces of Rokugan, he was spotted by Shosuro Aroru first. The Scorpion convinced Kikaze to strike Kheth-tet's unit together. Thanks to their respective specific training, the two men succeeded in wounding him grievously and escaped, but not before Kheth-tet crippled Kikaze's arm. [5]


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