Khan's Defiance was the second to last Lotus Legal expansion released, and first Samurai Legal expansion. It continued the Age of Enlightenment, and followed the Unicorn Clan's attempt to control the Empire by striking at the capital. The set featured starters for the Crab Clan, Crane Clan and Ratlings. {[1]}

Preceded by:
Rise of the Shogun
Succeeded by:
The Truest Test

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity
1 Ideal Conditions Event Common
2 Birth of the Blood Heir Event Uncommon
3 Second Doom of the Unicorn Event Rare
4 Wrath of the People Event Rare
5 The Portals Open Event Uncommon
6 Hidden Warrens Holding Common
7 Temple of Unity Holding Rare
8 High Courts Holding Common
9 Harmonious Temple Holding Uncommon
10 Governor's Court Holding Rare
11 Seiden Sanzo Holding Rare
12 Jikagun Personality Common
13 Hida Yaheiko Personality Uncommon
14 Hida Dayu Personality Common
15 Hida Ikkaku Personality Uncommon
16 Yasuki Jinn-Kuen Experienced Personality Rare
17 Hida Rikyu Experienced Personality Fixed
18 Doji Doukohito Personality Common
19 Asahina Hideki Personality Common
20 Daidoji Yaichiro Personality Uncommon
21 Kakita Noriko Personality Uncommon
22 Daidoji Kikaze Experienced Personality Rare
23 Doji Nagori Experienced Personality Fixed
24 Hoshi Noritada Personality Common
25 Mirumoto Taikishi Personality Common
26 Tamori Wotan Personality Uncommon
27 Hitomi Shiori Personality Uncommon
28 Mirumoto Rosanjin Experienced 2 Personality Rare
29 Togashi Tsuri Experienced Personality Rare
30 Ikoma Hanshiro Personality Common
31 Matsu Yoshike Personality Common
32 Kitsu Ineko Personality Uncommon
33 Akodo Hachigoro Personality Uncommon
34 Matsu Benika Experienced Personality Rare
35 Akodo Shigetoshi Experienced Personality Rare
36 Sasada Personality Common
37 Tsuruchi Gidayu Personality Common
38 Tsuruchi Ayame Personality Uncommon
39 Yoritomo Isoshi Personality Uncommon
40 Tsuruchi Etsui Experienced Personality Rare
41 Yoritomo Utemaro Experienced Personality Rare
42 Shiba Daizan Personality Common
43 Asako Juro Personality Common
44 Asako Keiki Personality Uncommon
45 Houhou Personality Uncommon
46 Shiba Aikune Experienced 3 Personality Rare
47 Tamori Nakamuro Experienced 2 Personality Rare
48 Mytchokan Personality Common
49 Ok'kantich Personality Common
50 Vik-sch'tok Personality Uncommon
51 Hch-tik Personality Uncommon
52 Shinbone Warpack Experienced Personality Rare
53 Pep'trcheck Personality Fixed
54 Soshi Idaurin Personality Common
55 Bayushi Hisako Personality Common
56 Bayushi Yumita Personality Uncommon
57 Bayushi Maemi Personality Uncommon
58 Shosuro Aroru Personality Rare
59 Bayushi Kaukatsu Personality Rare
60 Gutobo Personality Common
61 Aka-Name Personality Common
62 Chutoburo Personality Uncommon
63 Umi-Bozu Personality Uncommon
64 Daigotsu Rekai Experienced 4 Personality Rare
65 Nairu no Oni Experienced Personality Rare
66 Sachika Personality Common
67 Fire Dragon Experienced 2 Personality Rare
68 Kitsune Tsutaro Personality Uncommon
69 Yukari no Onna Personality Common
70 Utaku Nayan Personality Common
71 Shinjo Saihan Personality Common
72 Shinjo Isuke Personality Uncommon
73 Iuchi Eiji Personality Uncommon
74 Moto Chagatai Experienced 4 Personality Rare
75 Moto Chen Experienced 2 Personality Common
76 Hitsu Taeruko Region Uncommon
77 Valley of Heroes Region Rare
78 Overflowing Fields Region Rare
79 Take the Charge Action Rare
80 Snowy Overlook Action Common
81 Scouring the Village Action Common
82 Fist and Blade Action Common
83 Flanking Assault Action Common
84 Unexpected Betrayal Action Rare
85 One Final March Action Common
86 Dissent Action Common
87 The Khan's Gambit Action Uncommon
88 One More Sacrifice Action Uncommon
89 Broken Lines Action Uncommon
90 Old Alliances Action Common
91 Gathering Darkness Action Uncommon
92 Strength in Certainty Action Rare
93 You Die With Me! Action Common
94 Advance Position Action Common
95 Restoring Order Action Common
96 Ruthless Advance Action Uncommon
97 Flash of Steel Action Rare
98 Hunting the Prophet Action Uncommon
99 A Noble End Action Uncommon
100 A Soldier's Spirit Action Uncommon
101 Soul of the Battle Action Uncommon
102 Unstoppable Power Action Uncommon
103 Soul of the Winds Action Uncommon
104 The Lesser Evil Action Common
105 Allies Become Enemies Action Common
106 Peaceful Discourse Action Rare
107 The General Falls Action Uncommon
108 Recruiting Allies Action Rare
109 Ordered Retreat Action Common
110 Cool Heads Prevail Action Uncommon
111 Doomed Intentions Action Rare
112 Insolence Punished Action Rare
113 Two-Front War Action Rare
114 The Brotherhood's Influence Action Rare
115 Reverence for Chikushudo Action Rare
116 The Empress' Address Action Rare
117 A Soldier's Fate Action Rare
118 Flanking Action Action Rare
119 Unshakable Action Rare
120 Impressive Resilience Action Rare
121 Coward! Action Rare
122 Unexpected News Action Rare
123 Blanketed Forest Action Rare
124 Standing Fast Action Rare
125 Frenzied Charge Action Rare
126 Surprise Attack Action Common
127 Nezumi Vengeance Action Uncommon
128 Crushing Blow Action Uncommon
129 Veteran Warrior Follower Common
130 Imperial Magistrates Follower Common
131 Temple Acolytes Follower Common
132 Ox Sentry Follower Common
133 Wave Man Follower Uncommon
134 Crippled Bone Berserker Follower Uncommon
135 Seasoned Deckhand Follower Uncommon
136 Revolutionaries Follower Uncommon
137 Watch Commander Follower Rare
138 Dishonored Vassal Follower Uncommon
139 Badge of Authority Item Common
140 Kumade Item Common
141 Pincers and Tail Item Common
142 Lacquered Armor Item Uncommon
143 Blade of Guile Item Rare
144 Strike the Summit Action Common
145 The Element's Path Action Common
146 Silent Solace Action Uncommon
147 Strike the Center Action Uncommon
148 Strike the Base Action Rare
149 Touch of Ice Spell Common
150 Yuki no Onna's Wrath Spell Uncommon
151 Purge the Unclean Spell Common
152 Seeking the Way Spell Rare
153 The Kami's Embrace Spell Uncommon
154 Shizuka Toshi Stronghold Fixed
155 The Winter Warren Stronghold Fixed
156 Kaiu Shiro Stronghold Fixed

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