The title Khan was the Moto family's equivalent of the title daimyo and, since the Moto's ascension to ruling family of the Unicorn Clan, it had been used interchangeably with the term Clan Champion. [1] Naturally the Moto themselves prefered the term Khan, as it had been the title assigned to their leaders since they were the Ujik Hai. [citation needed]

Role splits Edit

Shinjo Min-Hee became the Khan but she was not the Unicorn Clan Champion. [2]

Khan in Rokugan Edit

Moto Gaheris 1132 - 1159
Moto Chagatai 1159 - 1170
Moto Chen 1170 - (c. 1184)
Shinjo Min-Hee (c. 1184) - Present


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