Khadja (leader) 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Ashalan Champion

Khadja was the leader of the Council of Twelve on the ancient Day of Wrath. [1]

Sandsmither Edit

Maymun and Khadja discovered how to master the sandsmithing. They performed a complex ritual which used fire to purify the sand, becoming crysteel. Other sahir attempted to copy them, but the product broke easily. It was found that the crysteel reflected the soul of the smithers, and only those with patience and care could forge it. [2]

Khadja Edit

He crafted the first khadja from the sand that was originally scorched by the Sun. Like many uniquely Ashalan weapons, the khadja was named for the first wielder. He was revered by many Ashalan and his secrets were passed on for thousands of years and expanded upon by his progeny and apprentices. [1]


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