Created by: Khadja
First used by: Khadja
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Khadja was an exquisitely crafted polearm the length of a bo staff, with flat, curved blades on both ends. Khadja were frequently enchanted and could be customized to fit the needs of individual warriors. [1]

Crafter Edit

Like many uniquely Ashalan weapons, the khadja was named for the first wielder, the leader of the Council of Twelve on the ancient Day of Wrath. He crafted the first khadja from the sand that was originally scorched by the Sun. [2] [3]

Tradition Edit

Khadja were traditionally only used by the ruling Council of Twelve, but over the last century many of the Ashalan warriors had taken to using the weapon. It became the preferred weapon of the elite Ashalan warrior caste known as the Blood-Sworn. Khadja were frequently changed and could be customized to fit the needs of individual warriors. Typical modifications included changing the weapon’s length to match the reach of a warrior’s arms, or adding an additional blade along the weapon’s middle. [2]

Training Edit

The fighting style of the khadja involved sweeps and spinning, and was elegant in execution. Khadja could be used to attack in any direction. [4]

First Khadja Edit

The original Khadja was still in use, a thousand years later, and was always held by the current Captain of the Blood-Sworn. It was formed entirely of crysteel (and thus unable to be modified) and was of exceptional quality. [2]

Rokugan Edit

Khadja 2


It was known that one of the khadja polearms was located in the Heaven's Bank Hold at Kyuden Gotei. It was stolen in 1159 by a young Mantis thief named Leli'a. [5]

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