Kesh'mar was an Ashalan who was allied with another of his race, Rashol. [1]

Shadowed Tower Edit

Kesh'mar was contacted in 1159 by Bayushi Atsuki, during the Shadowed Tower conspiracy in Rokugan. [1] Atsuki was the returned spirit who was leader of the Gozoku in the 4th century. Atsuki offered an alliance with him, and Kesh'mar was willing to accept. [2]

Threat Edit

When they met in 1165 during the second Gozoku, the only threat Kesh'mar saw was another Ashalan who lived in Rokugan, Hojyn, and Kesh'mar had put plans into motion to remove him before he proved disruptive. [2]

Death Edit

Atsuki betrayed Kesh'mar, and threw him on the hands of the Goju and Ninube. They took revenge on Kesh'mar despite he defended himself with his crysteel weapons. [1]


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