Keppo was a goblin scout.

Blood-White Stone Edit

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Keppo used to steal things to Rokugani, and placed its treasures inside a hidden cave near the tribe's camp, in the Shinomen Mori. In 1172 the goblin known as Gakku returned to the tribe, but transformed in a monster of four arms. The Dark One slaughtered and devoured many of its former kin. Keppo managed to survive, and during the fight, it stole the Blood-White Stone, a powerful nemuranai which had been found time ago by its leader Pokku. The Stone became its biggest and most special, most secret treasure. [1]

Not Aging Edit

Keppo kept the Stone in secret, and while the new chieftain Pokupo aged with the years passed, Keppo still remained young and strong in the year 1199. [1]

Colonies Edit

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Somehow Keppo moved to the Colonies, where the goblin was defeated and spared by the nun Aranai, formerly an infiltrator Spider known as Yoritomo Aranai. [2] The goblin was also spared by Asako Sukukaze, who believed that all life was precious, even one of a Shadowlands creature. [3]

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