Kenson Gakka

Kenson Gakka

The Lion's Shadow (L14) was a contested city between the Scorpion and the Lion Clan in the 6th century. It was renamed Kenson Gakka, or Humility's Lesson after the Lion retook it. [1]

Location Edit

Kenson Gakka 2

Kenson Gakka (L14)

Kenson Gakka was located north of Beiden Pass, beside the mountains bordering Lion-Scorpion border, [2] in the Gakka province. [3] It was easily defensible, with Three Sides River just to the south, between the castle and Scorpion territory, laying along the well-protected Castle Home Road. [4] It hold the Humility Dojo. [5]

Notable Locations Edit

Hidden River Edit

It was said that beneath the foundations there was a river of great beauty and soft sand lines the corridors, but bitter water flowed. The Lion drew their water from Shiretsu no Matsu, Matsu's Footsteps, nearly a mile from the castle itself. [6]

Hidden Tunnels Edit

The Scorpion considered the holding on borrowed time, guessing the Lion would eventually take the castle. In the 6th century they constructed an extensive series of passages within the walls and floors of various buildings throughout the city, connecting them to the castle and the underground river that stretched nearly to the Scorpion border, ending in a temple, Yaruki Jukko, which was built beside the closest bridge across Three Sides River, twenty miles from the city by road. [7]

History Edit

Taken by the Scorpion Edit

The Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Tsuya conquered Shiro no Meiyo in 518. The stronghold was renamed Lion's Shadow, and the Scorpion defended it for years. [4]

Retaken by the Lion Edit

After a failed Scorpion attack on Kyuden Ikoma in 533, [1] the Matsu retaliated by attacking The Lion's Shadow and its fortress, Shiro no Meiyo. The Matsu killed every man, woman, and child within the city and claimed it for the Lion. [8] [9] The victory in the Battle of Kenson Gakka [10] was celebrated annually by the Lion in the Festival of the Humble Turtle. [7]

Lion Infamy Edit

Losing the castle was not incredibly painful for the Scorpion. But the violent deaths of the families therein made the Scorpion devise a plan to exact revenge on the Lion. In 1120 the city's commanding officer Akodo Ikare attacked and killed Crane guests within the Yaruki Jukko monastery. Ikare had been secretly replace by a Shosuro Actor. [11] The Scorpion arrived and presented the events, laying claim to the castle. The castle's Lord Matsu Kioma refused, and the Battle of the Humble Turtle began. [12] The Scorpion hoped to exploit the affair to recapture the city from the Lion, but ultimately their attempt was a failure. [13]

Destruction of the Beiden Pass Edit

The city had lost its purpose in the aftermath of the destruction of the Beiden Pass at the end of the War of Spirits, as it was virtually impossible moving a Scorpion army into the Lion Lands from the south. [14]

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