Born: Unknown 
Died: 1169

Kensaki was a Ronin and trusted friend of Akodo Bakin. During the Lion Clan campaign against the Unicorn Clan in 1169, the march to Shiro Moto, Kensaki murdered a Unicorn butcher in the city of Watarimono for his money. When confronted about this by Bakin Kensaki lied, claiming he had defended himself against an attack by the villager. The testimony of Yasuki Yukinaga, a merchant who had seen the murdering, however came to the defense of the peasant, and Bakin ordered the execution of Kensaki. Kensaki pleaded with Bakin, asking for the chance to commit seppuku due to his many years of faithful service. Bakin refused his request, and Kensaki was executed. [1]


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