Created by: Unknown
First used by: Reichin
Currently in the possession of: Usagi Ozaki

Kenno was the Ancestral Sword of the Hare Clan. [1]

Powers Edit

The Hare Clan sword was supposedly imbued with powers by a powerful rabbit spirit. It could grant it's wielders increased speed and protection from missiles. [2]

Curse Edit

It was believed that the blade was also cursed by Iuchiban, weakening it's wielders during confrontations with bloodspeakers. [2]

“My loss of blood has made me weak – but the blood of your children shall make mine strong!”
- Iuchiban

History Edit

Bloodspeaker Attack Edit

The blade was wielded by Hare Clan Champion Usagi Gohei when the Hare Clan came under attack by two hundred bloodspeakers. Gohei was killed in the battle, but the blade and leadership were picked up by his wife Usagi Furiko who led the Hare to victory. [3]

Loss Edit

The blade was lost in the Shadowlands by Usagi Nidei, who had taken the sword from his mother, the Hare Clan Champion. Nidei had snuck out one night to find his sweetheart, a Crab samurai-ko lost in the shadowlands. [3]

Shiro Hiruma Edit

The blade eventually ended up in the ruins of Shiro Hiruma. For a while it was used the goblin shugenja known as the Exalted Ugu, who was residing in Shiro Hiruma. The blade was recovered in 1123 by Usagi Ozaki during the Siege of Shiro Usagi. [4]

Usagi Ozaki Edit

After the destruction of Shiro Usagi and death of the Hare Clan Champion Usagi Oda in 1123, Usagi Ozaki took the blade and went into exile. Two years later in 1125 the soiled reputation of the Hare was cleansed by Ozaki, and the clan had it's place reinstated. [5]

Known Wielders of Kenno Edit

See also Edit


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