Kazenmuketsu province

Kazenmuketsu province (Do1)

Kazenmuketsu province (Do1) was the northernmost Doji province.

Political Influence Edit

Until the mid-12th century an assignment to this province was the pinnacle of Rokugani politics, as the post would become hugely influential, being the province close to the Imperial City Otosan Uchi and home of the Capital. [1]

Borders Edit

Kazenmuketsu was bordered in the north by the Imperial lands that led towards Otosan Uchi, by the Hayaku province (Da2) in the west, by the Oyomesan province (Do2) in the south, being enveloped by Umi Yakamo to the east. [2]

Holdings Edit

Its most important holdings were Kyuden Doji, the Crane capital, [2] Shizuka Toshi, Kyuden no Kin, [3] the Lost Daughter Inlet, Bay of Green Coral, [4] Shiro Katogama, Aireru Mori, [5] Sokustel Forest, [6] the Eye of the Needle, [7] the new Kyuden Otomo, [8] and large sections of the Osari Mori, as a rather heavily forested province. [1]


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