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Kaze no Oni

Kaze no Oni

Kaze no Oni was the greater Elemental Terror of Air.

Appearance Edit

Kaze no Oni resembled a six feet tall dead baby bird, and were able to to hover just above the ground, rarely touching the ground unless they absolutely must. They would speak in a high pitched grating voice, and were prone to laughing for no apparent reason whatsoever. [1]

Abilities Edit

Kaze no Oni 3

Kaze no Oni

Despite their odd behavior and weak appearance, the Kaze no Oni were quite dangerous. They were capable of absorbing spells cast by shugenja and using those spells themselves, and therefore quite enjoyed attacking shugenja. Due to their weakness, Kaze no Oni preferred to remain on the edge of a battle, using their magic to effect things at a distance. As payment for their services, the Kaze no Oni usually request a scroll of magic that they can use against their enemies. They are the smartest of the Elemental Terrors, but this was balanced by the ease with which they could be distracted. [1]

Creation Edit

In 1126 [2] the Terrors were created by the collaboration between all four Dark Oracles even an Oni of the Void, living in a dead volcano bear the Festering Pit known as the Womb of Terror. [3]

Attack to the Nezumi Edit

This year the nezumi Crippled Bone Tribe were nearly destroyed by the Elemental Terrors. [2]

Elemental Nemuranai Edit

In 1127 the Celestial Dragons blessed the Elemental Nemuranai, five powerful nemuranai which were crafted to restore the unbalance in the Celestial Order made by the creation of the Terrors. Kaze no Oni alongside the Terror of Void, Akeru no Oni were sent to destroy Daikoku Seido in the Unicorn lands. Within the shrine the Mempo of the Void and the Armor of Earth were resting, and they would be corrupted if the Dark Oracles could get them. A group of samurai managed to defeat the demons. [4]

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Kaze no Oni 2

Kaze no Oni

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