Born: Unknown 
Died: 1159, Month of the Rat [1] 
Children: Kayosai 
Titles: Leader of the Mikata

Kayobun was an Free Ogre overlord, and leader of the Mikata.

Free Ogres Edit

Kayobun, leader of the Free Ogres, was approached by emissaries of Daigotsu, the Dark Lord of the Shadowlands. The ogres only respected strength, and Daigotsu's ambassadors, Lost or Goblins, were returned in pieces. [2]

Allegiance to Daigotsu Edit

Daigotsu approached the Tsuno to turn the ogres in his favor. A small pack of Ravagers approached Kayobun, and their leader Tsuno Kurushimi challenged and defeated Kayobun in an unarmed combat. Kayobun swore fealty to the Tsuno in return for their freedom, [2] so the free ogres were finally allied to Daigotsu. [3]

Defending the Kaiu Wall Edit

In 1159 Kayobun served as the General of the Shadowlands forces who were defending the Fourth Tower in the Kaiu Wall. [4]

Vu Edit

Kayobun was known to fight alongside The Importunate Vu. [5]

Disatisfaction with the Dark Lord and Death Edit

The same year Kayobun lost faith with Daigotsu when he restored Fu Leng, their old slaver, to power. While the Crab had the upperhand in their attack to retake the Fourth Tower, Kayobun had defeated Mirumoto Hyosuke and was ready to kill him. Instead of going through with it the ogre parleyed with Hida Kuon and offered to switch allegiance to the Crab. Kuon refused the offer and killed Kayobun. [4] His son Kayosai became the new Leader. [2]

External Links Edit


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