The Leatherworkers were those who made leather into craft objects or works of art, using shaping techniques, coloring techniques or both. In Ryoko Owari Toshi many eta called themselves "leatherworker", making the term interchangeable. [1]

Leather Edit

The aversion to leather in the Rokugani society was broken by the Unicorn Clan. The dead animal skin was used for saddles and riding clothes, so the prejudice was glossed over saying the leather was purified during the curing process. Ryoko Owari became the most important producer of leather in the Emerald Empire. [2]

Community at Ryoko Owari Edit

The great number of leatherworkers made Ryoko Owari's community to surface as an organized power group. They wanted an end to the opium trade, which hurt the youngest of them, to have their unwritten rights to be left alone and to govern themselves respected. [3]

Shosuro Kurodo Edit

The Sixth city's governor, Shosuro Kurodo, was who removed taxes for collectiing refuse from the city, forbade to dump excrement into the river, and no tax would be levied during five years for eta selling dung to farmers outside the city. The eta of Ryoko Owari became the wealthiest of their class in Rokugan, while the farmers turned the infertile soil surrounding the city in farmable areas. [4]

Shosuro Atsusuke Edit

The Twelfth governor Shosuro Atsusuke began the 'Garbage Rebellion' when he taxed collecting refuse, breaking Kurodo's promise. He eventually was forced to revert his decision. Since that time the eta community were known as the Leatherworkers. [5]


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