Kawaru Focus was a Masterymystical air kiho [1] that gave the monk the possible futures surrounding a set of items. It was even said to possibly give insight into the next lives of those who hold the items in question. The name of the kiho comes from the Kawaru coins that some of the wisest heimin used to perform his “peasant magic”. [2]

To use the kiho, the monk must focus upon a small item such as a coin or yarrow stick and meditated. Thereafter, the monk could generally sense the location of the items, as well as the well-being of the person holding them. He could learn the approximate distance and location of the item, the identity of the current holder if it was someone the monk had personally met, if the person was wounded, and their general physical and emotional state. This was only a momentary flash of insight; the monk could not monitor the target's location, read their mind, or home in on them. [2]


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