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Kawaru Coins

Kawaru Coins

Kawaru was the use of small stones, sticks, or coins for divination purposes. Some called it peasant magic, but one who read them well might learn much about his future. [1] Shugenja families as the Soshi found it reliable, [2] and it was very popular among the Dragon Clan[3]

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Creation Edit

This foretelling folk magic was devised by Isawa Teruyo in the 3rd century, and it was described in the writings Kawaru. [4]

System Edit

It was based upon six-lined figures known as hexagrams. The system began with a ceremony of ritual purification; then a casting of stones or sticks randomly determined a hexagram that pertained to the caster, known as Itako. Each hexagram was associated with a particular course of action, symbol, or virtue. By correctly interpreting the results, the caster could read the future while learning something about his own personality. [4]

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