River of the Blind Monk

River of the Blind Monk

The River of the Blind Monk was born in the Lake of Sorrows, streaming southwest in the border of the Crane provinces until it reached the ocean Yakamo's Heart near Kyuden Doji. [1]

Name Edit

The river was named for an old monk who lived in a small shrine by the river bank. He would ferry anyone across who could answer a simple riddle. He had lived here at least two hundred years and if anyone dared ask him his age he smiled and threw them into the river. [2]

Kyuden no Kin Edit

The hills nearby were considered haunted, and the grounds where Kyuden no Kin once stood were never crossed by villagers. The palace was built by Asahina Mifune in a decleration of his love for Mirumoto Tanoshiko, but the couple were attacked by bandits in the palace and Tanoshiko was killed. Mifune killed the bandits and in his grief moved used dark magics to move the palace and everything inside into the void. It was said that some nights the tortured bandits can still be heard and strange lights flicker. [3]


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