River of the Last Stand

River of the Last Stand

The River of the Last Stand (JJJ) was once the Seigo river. [1] Hida Banuken made his final stand against the steady advance of the Shadowlands had been suffering for generations. [2] The Seigo River was used by Kuni Osaku to stop the army of The Maw and the location of the Battle of the Cresting Wave in 716, and renamed in honor of the battle and Osaku's sacrifice. [1] When the shugenja's will broke Banuken's army was ready. [2]

Location Edit

River of the Last Stand 2

River of the Last Stand (JJJ)

The river run along the Shadowlands side of the Kaiu Kabe and forked twice into two other rivers, the Black Finger River and the River of the Dark Moon. [3] [4] [5]

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