The Kawa Forest in the Naishou province was first settled by the Morikawa tribe, [1] whose descendants lived in the village of Shizu Mura, [2] located well inside the forest. Oak, ash, and cedar, along with several dense clusters of bamboo trees were found there. [3] One part of the forest was known as the Omikura Swamp, where numerous streams had turned the area around in a swamp. [4] The Wolves' Den, a ronin encampment, was found in the northern part of the forest, [5] and deep inside the Kawa Forest there was the Seido Muzaka, a hidden monastery. [6]

Legends Edit

Locals believed the forest contained passages to other Spirit Realms, the presence of tricker shapeshifters, such as saru, kitsune, and tanuki. Legends of the Morikawa tribe told of the ancient presence of ogres. Several Kenku were also claimed to be seen, as Keiichi, Kazuto, Koiko, Tsuji and his son Tsujiken. [7]

Frog King Edit

Locals told the legend of the “frog king,” who supposedly lived in the origin of the stream which flowed through the village. The frog king was a huge bloated amphibian, who talked like a man and wore a peaked hat. He was attended by a court of frogs who sat together atop a vast treasure of golden coins. Supposedly a young girl and her brother once found it, and the frog king goaded the girl to exchange treasures between them. She agreed, taking a lot of gold coins. In turn, the frog gulping down her little brother, which left the girl rich but unhappy forever. [8]


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