Kawa is the Rokugani word for Rivers.

Rokugani Rivers Edit

The three major Rokugani rivers were the River of Gold, the Drowned Merchant River, and the Three Sides River. [1]

Course of Lady Sun
Estuaries of the Snake
Golden Koi River
Hae Moete Kawa "Firefly River"
Hojize River
Itochu River
Kawa Kurai Tsuki "River of the Dark Moon", "Dark Moon River"
Kawa Mitsu Kishi "Three Sides River", "Three Stone River"
Kawa Nemui "Sleeping River"
Kawa no Kin "River of Gold"
Kawa Oyabashi
Kawa sano Fui no Dansei wo Sasu "River of the Unexpected Hero"
Kawa sano Okami Jikan "River of the Hour of the Wolf"
Kawa sano Seigo no Kamae "River of the Last Stand"
Kawa sano Zatu Shudoshi "River of the Blind Monk"
Kawa Shishi-o
Kuroi Yubi Kawa "Black Finger River", "River of No Return"
Namida Kawa "Tearful River"
Oboreshinu Boekisho Kawa "Drowned Merchant River"
River of Northern Snow
River of the Lost Valley "Kenku Home River"
River of the Sky "Holy River"
River of the Sun
River of Three Horses
River of White Waters
Seikihi River
Semi Kawa "Cicada River"
Shadowed Souls River
Shiretsu no Matsu "Matsu's Footsteps"
Shiroi Kin Kawa "White Gold River"
Small Trade River
Tangu River

Colonial Rivers Edit

Shinano "Narmada"

Gaijin Rivers Edit

Bai He White River
Chenzhong He Ponderous River


  1. Book of Water, p. 107

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