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Katogama family
Patron family: Doji family
Clan: Crane Clan
Founded: c. 510
Daimyo: Unknown

The Katogama family was a vassal family of the Doji.

Duty Edit

The family was created by Doji Hejiko shortly after the Battle of Stolen Graves. Hejiko realized that the Crane Clan Champion needed a reliable source of information about possible traitors in Crane lands. Officially, the family kept the peace, monitored the land and reports back to the Champion. In fact, they were a spy network answerable only to their family daimyo and the Crane Clan Champion. [1]

Holdings Edit

The Katogama lands were northeast of Kyuden Doji, overlapping slightly with Doji lands. Shiro Katogama and Aireru Mori were their two main holdings. [1]

Katogama Daimyo Edit

Doji Katomara c. 510 - ? (6th century)
Doji Mika's sibling  ? - ?
Doji Seishiro  ? - 1169


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