Born: Unknown 
Died: 1132

Katarine was a Sheel warrior, and after the annexation of the Sheel Kingdom by the Yodotai she became a Yodotai Centurion, and Berserk.

Sheel Edit

Katarine was the daugther of a noble of the Sheel Kingdom. She became friend of Aurelian, the heir of the Yodotai Empire, who had reached her lands in 1100. When in 1110 the nobility deposed the Sheel King [1] in the day called the Overthrow of the Sheel. [2] They swore fealty to Auralian's father, the Yodotai Warlord Piron, and Katarine joined the Yodotai. Her father had been a member of the noble rebellion. [3]

Yodotai Edit

She became a Lieutenant of the Yodotai army. She was part of the Yodotai expedition to the Burning Sands in 1132. [4]

Hanif slaves Edit

Soraph meets the Yodotai

Soraph meets the Yodotai

She found wandering in the desert a scarred Hanif, [5] Soraph, who told the Senpet had enslaved the Hanif people, cousins of the Sheel and Yodotai, in their mines. [6] Auralian enraged and swore his Empire would conquest those who had dared to beat his brethren. [7]

Meeting the Moto Edit

Katarine attended the first meeting with the Moto Clan, [4] enemies of the Senpet in the Moto Oasis. The Yodotai returned the Moto the lost Banner of the Ki-Rin as a show of friendship. [8] It would led to the Erba'a Alliance and the Shattering of the Jewel.

Death Edit

The Alliance was defeated during the events after the Awakening and Katarine died in the fight. [9]

External Links Edit


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