Katana of the Twilight Mountains 
Katana of the Twilight Mountains
Created by: Hiruma Yugure's soul
First used by: Matsu Turi
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Katana of the Twilight Mountains was wielded by Matsu Turi in 1132. It was gifted by the Lion returned spirits who escaped from the Oblivion's Gate. [1]

Legend Edit

The Crab Hiruma Yugure had disappeared into the Twilight Mountains, intent on seeking out and ending the menace of the spirit known as the Shakoki Dogu. Yugure was never seen again, but shortly thereafter Crab scouts discovered a katana and matching set of armor in the vicinity. [2]

Abilities Edit

The katana was obsessed with returning to the Twilight Mountains to solve the mystery hidden there, and drove its owner to do so if possible using its intelligence and empathy abilities. The blade was exceptional against Shadowlands and evil spirit creatures. [2]

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