Katai family
Patron family: Akodo family
Clan: Lion Clan
Founded: 438
Daimyo: Unknown

The Katai family was a vassal family of the Akodo. [1]

Lands Edit

The Brick Keep at Rengai Mura was the ancestral home of the family, and their duty was to take care of the forest called Kokoro Nezuban Mori, supervising the lumber production there. [1]

History Edit

Ronin Group Edit

A group of Lion samurai followed the disgraced Matsu Daimyo, Matsu Mochihime, who was made ronin when she confronted the Emperor Hantei Fujiwa himself, [1] during the raise of the Gozoku in 391. [2]

Founding Edit

In 438 Mochiko rejoined the Lion Clan and won the Test of the Emerald Champion. [3] Her lieutenant Katai, formerly known as Akodo Katai, moved the ronin group near the Lion lands. The Ikoma discovered history of Mochiko, and decided to nip the potential for rumor about the truth of Mochiko's past, a Daimyo who defied an Emperor. The Katai family was formed with the ronin, as a Vassal family of the Akodo. [1]

12th century Edit

When the Akodo were disbanded in 1123 they remained doing the same, as ronin again. In 1133 the Akodo family was reinstated as well as the Katai. A Dojo was building at Rengai Mura by Katai Seihai. [1]

Politics Edit

Katai Daimyo Edit

Katai 438 - ?
Katai Seihai (c. 1158)

See also Edit


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