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Please note: This article is about the samurai-ko. For other uses of the term, please see Minoko (disambiguation).

Kasuga Minoko was a samurai-ko of the Tortoise Clan.

Training Edit

Minoko was trained at Yoake Fusheru Dojo, and after her gempukku she joined the Tortoise navy. Born into a line of no real importance, Minoko always attempted to carve a position for herself and her progeny. Minoko was considered a troublemaker with her attitude. [1]

Warden Edit

The pragmatic leaders of the Tortoise removed her from the sea forces and placed Minoko as apprentice to the aging and heirless warden of Unexpected Journey, the main port of the Tortoise. Minoko's famous temperament was ruthlessly and quickly curbed by the wizened old Tortoise. In time Minoko became the warden herself. [1]


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