Kasuga Kemmei 
Kasuga Kemmei 
Born: Unknown 
Died: (c.1150
Titles: Tortoise Clan Kizoku

Kasuga Kemmei was a Tortoise Clan advisor and sailor that served Yoritomo's Alliance during the Clan War and the War Against the Shadow. Kemmei was also the Kizoku ("sub-daimyo") of the Tortoise Clan. [1]

Demeanor Edit

Kasuga Kemmei 2

Kemmei, Kizoku of the Tortoise

Kemmei was a student of the Mantis-Yasuki rivalry, learning the advantages of leaving one's options open. Motivated by greed and a keen sense of opportunity, Kemmei contacted those whose needed his "special talents" as an information broker and dealer in weapons, skills, and personnel. [2] It was rumored Kemmei held one of the Golden Frogs of the Kaeru. [3]

Slow Tide Edit

Kemmei replaced his father as kizoku, [4] and in 1124 he could nearly always be found at the port city Taimana Choryu. [1] Kemmei was talented in court politics, a rare gift among the pragmatic Tortoise. [5]

Yoritomo's Alliance Edit

During the Clan War Kemmei served on the Yoritomo's Alliance fleet. He cheered when the Mantis Clan were awarded Great Clan status, but he urged his Daimyo to decline Yoritomo's offer to join the new Great Clan and become the Kasuga family. Kemmei believed his clan's duty could not be performed if they joined with the Mantis. [6] Nicknamed the “broker of diplomacy”, Kemmei doled out Mantis Mercenaries to whomever would donate koku, weapons, information, or commanders to Clan Mantis. [7]

Ambassador to the Mantis Edit

Following the Clan War, Kemmei requested a post as ambassador to the Mantis and served as a loyal advisor to Yoritomo for many years. When Yoritomo Aramasu assumed command, Kemmei continued his tutelage, even directing the young heir's attention to the extensive smuggling that was going on within the clan, a fact that Yoritomo had chosen to overlook for a number of reasons. With Kemmei's counsel, Aramasu led the Mantis to victory against the Ivory Kingdoms. [6]

Death Edit

Kemmei did not survive the Mantis-Ivory Kingdoms War, and perished in a distant land. Kemmei died as he had lived, a loyal Tortoise in honorable service to the Mantis Clan. [6]

Legion of the Dead Edit

In 1166 Kemmei had stepped forward to answer Matsu Goemon's call and joined the Legion of the Dead to offer his counsel once again. [6]

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Preceded by:
Kemmei's father
Tortoise Clan Kizoku
(c. 1124) - (c. 1150)
Succeeded by:


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