Kasuga Eju was a member of the Tortoise Clan.

Masquerade Edit

Eju disguised as a peasant servant, entered in the service to Shinjo Tokitsu and Emerald Magistrate who lived at Otosan Uchi. For many years the activities of the magistrate did not interfer with the operatives of the Tortoise. [1]

Killing his Master Edit

The Emerald Champion sent Tokitsu to a Phoenix port to investigate reports of forbidden gaijin trade. Tokitsu returned to the Imperial City shaken by what he had seen in the Phoenix lands. He retired to make a complete report during night for his audience with the Emerald Champion. Tokitsu never awoke, as he was found stabbed by a single knife strike. He was given a hero's funeral for his past deeds. [1]

Aftermath Edit

The mission report was found, however it disavowed the presence of any such artifacts and attributing the entire affair to peasant superstition. Eju had poisoned his master, and used the knife as a cover screen. In such a way the Tortoise activities remained secret. [1]


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