Kasuga Eizan 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Kasuga Shiriko,
Kasuga Taigen 
Children: Kasuga Hiro

Kasuga Eizan was a bushi sailor, brother of Tortoise Clan Champion, Kasuga Taigen, [1] and member of the Kolat conspiracy.

Family Edit

Taigen became the Champion after their elder sister, Kasuga Shiriko, chose to forgo her birthright as daimyo in order to continue serving the clan in the field. [2] Eizan was Taigen's younger brother by more than a decade. [3]

Kolat Edit

Upon completion of his gempukku ceremony, Eizan was indoctrinated into the ranks of the Kolat Coin Sect. [3]

Captain Edit

Eizan captained the ship the Fortune's Coin, and used to trade with the Ivory Kingdoms. When he was not onboard his son was at the helm of the ship. [1] Eizan provided the Kolat with information on these gaijin Kingdoms, reporting his information directly to Master Coin, Yasuki Jinn-Kuen, who used to sail out to meet him. [4]

Alliance of Minor Clans Edit

In 1165 at Toshi Ranbo he followed his brother in secret after Taigen finalized an assembly of the Alliance of Minor Clans. The Tortoise Champion visited Kakita Munemori almost immediately thereafter. Eizan met another kolat, Morito Natsu, who was at the same time the Ox representative of the Alliance. Eizan feared his brother could be harmed for his Gozoku relations. Natsu decided to help the alliance in their hunt of bloodspeaker cells, and in some way the tainted Master Jade, Yasuki Taka, would have some measure of forgiveness. [1]

Sunset Tower Edit

Eizan was stationed at the Sunset Tower, a Tortoise holding. In 1170 the guards suffered an unexpected attack by a ronin group, warriors such as he had never seen. While his men were slaughtered Eizan run to safety, leaving the Tower. A Crane appeared but they were badly outnumbered, in the ensuing Battle for Sunset Tower. Another rokugani arrived, Dragon forces led by Kitsuki Berii, who entered the Tower and joined the fight. After the battle was over the Dragon did not explain which kind of mission were accomplishing, but one of their group, Mirumoto Narumi, left as Crane hostage. The dragon claimed the Tower despite the objections Eizan made. Mirumoto Ichizo stayed behind safeguarding the Tower against any further attack. [5]

Children Edit

Eizan expected his son Kasuga Hiro would be indoctrinated in the Kolat conspiracy, and eventually would become the next captain of the Fortune's Coin. [6]

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