Please note: This article is about the peasant. For other uses of the term, please see Karasu (disambiguation).

Karasu, was a peasant nicknamed the Crow. He arrived to a valley plagued by bandits, and Karasu decided to get rid of them. He made his lair in the Hill Cave, and after he spied the bandits, Karasu warned the villages and caravans about the bandits' plans. The bandits were dead, captured, or had run away when things went wrong. Two survivors sought to rebuild the gang, and eventually discovered Karasu when he was spying. The peasant was cornered in his cave, and the criminals attempted to roll boulders down into the cave and block Karasu inside. The boulder stop before the entrance, and Karasu pushed on the boulder which rolled back up the hill killing one of the bandits. The other bandit fled, and the lord of these lands let him to found Karasu no Mura. [1]


  1. Book of Void, p. 115

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