Karandetsu Market was a large town and home to the Scorpion Clan's robust trade with other clans. Given the cutthroat nature of Scorpion mercantile concerns, it was regarded as one of the clan's most dangerous locations. It was situated amid gentle, rolling hills. [1]

Founding Edit

The market appeared during the Clan War when Scorpion merchants disguised as ronin, gathered there. These "ronin" ranged all across Rokugan peddling their wares, returning to report the information they took. Since the Scorpion's reformation the market's role diminished with the Soshi and Shosuro families back in operation.

Reorganized Edit

After the Clan War it was reorganized by Yogo Ichiba. Its merchants were considered a particularly devious and successful lot who resorted to illegal practices. [2]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1173 during the Destroyer War the city was overran by the invading forces of Kali-Ma. The Scorpion deliberately fell back, leaving only a token force to defend it in order to ensure that the Destroyers did not find the situation unusual. [3]


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