Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Cakkitan 
Children: Ropputtu 
Titles: Biteeye Clan Chieftain

Kappuksu was a Goblin Warmonger and the Chieftain of the Great Goblin Biteeye Clan. [1]

Family Edit

Kappuksu was wily and strong, leading through virtue of his guile as well as his ferocity. [2] He had a son, named Ropputtu, and his brother Cakkitan was killed by a bear. [1]

Beiden Pass Edit

Kappuksu's clan was an ally of the Crab Clan at the Battle of Beiden Pass. While they were there, a Kolat tricked Kappuksu and his goblins to dig up a huge boulder, claiming it would be used later to drop on the enemy armies. Kappuksu did so with his clan's help, but the man never returned to tell him to drop it off the cliff. Later, when Hida Kisada's army took up the area of the camp used by Kappuksu and the Biteeye, and Kisada set up his tent there. [1]

Terrible Standard of Fu Leng Edit

Kappuksu was promoted to Banner Guard of the Terrible Standard of Fu Leng after Hida Sukune had been nailed. [1]

Kolat plot against Kisada Edit

When Kappuksu again saw the man who had told him to dig up the rock, he confronted the man. The man denied ever having asked the goblins to do such a thing, and challenged Kappuksu to a duel. The man drew his katana and Kappuksu drew his sling, letting fly a rock which missed by a mile. The man laughed and approached Kappuksu for the killing blow. A rumbling was heard, as the stray rock had hit the boulder and it rolled down the cliff. It squished the man and Kisada's tent, but luckily the Crab Clan Champion had been watching the duel and was not hurt. [1]

Kisada had the body searched and found a gold medallion that marked the man as a Kolat. Kisada smashed the medallion and gave it to Kappuksu smiling, and made him a samurai on the spot. [1]

Kappuksu's Story Edit

Kappuksu met the Crane storyteller Doji Shizue near the Beiden Pass and told her his story, the Kappuksu's Story. [1]

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