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Kappa, or “river-children,” [1] were mischevious river spirits, originally from the realm of Sakkaku, [2] who plagued travelers with their dangerous tricks. [3]

Appearance Edit

They were the size of a small child, man-like features, and a shell like a turtle's. A strange indentation at the top of their heads was always full of water. If the water was drained, the Kappa immediately became weak and powerless, [4] and must retreat into the water for a full day to replenish itself. [5] The water was the creature's life energy, which sustained its presence in the mortal realm. [6]

Demeanor Edit

The Kappa lived in lakes, streams and rivers, and delighted on riddles. They fed on blood, so they tried to trick passersby into coming close so that they might feed on them. They were honests, and uninterested in wealth or power. If confronted with superior numbers they fled. [4] Some stories claimed the Kappa could be mollified through the gift of cucumbers, which they loved even more than blood. [7]

Kappa and the Taint Edit

The kappa claimed that the Kappa King once tricked Fu Leng and stole the secret of curing the Taint, but it was not believed by many. [8] Anyhow, they were immune to the taint. [9]

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