Kansen were elemental kami corrupted by the evil of Jigoku. [1]

Appearance Edit

Incorporeal, the kansen appeared as slightly distorted pockets of filthy air. They were all elements and none. [2]

Tainted Kami Edit

Like the kami they acted unseen unless called upon by a shugenja, but unlike their untainted counterparts they were more likely to make their presence known if angered or bored. In the Shadowlands the kansen attempted to goad shugenja and other holy figures to call upon the corrupting influence of Jigoku. If that failed they would begin to manipulate the environment around the target, causing larger more dangerous Creatures of the Shadowlands to find their way to their targets.

Minor kansen knew that they could not contend with an angry shugenja and avoided confrontations, but greater kansen were more confident in their ability to overpower someone not fooled by their trickery. Kansen were rare in the Shadowlands, although they become more frequent the closer someone came to the Festering Pit of Fu Leng.

Maho Teachers Edit

Seductive Kansen

Seductive Kansen

Outside the Shadowlands kansen were virtually non-existant, and their presence was usually be the result of a novice attempting a maho ritual or spell. These resulting minor kansen were known to start haunting small villages or homes, or even a medium sized town if they thought they could get away with it. A monk or shugenja who discovered their presence could banish them.

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