Created by: Doji Yasurugi
First used by: Yasuki Hachi
Currently in the possession of: Lost in the Shadowlands

Kanpeki was one of the five swords forged by Doji Yasurugi during the early days of the Empire [1] and would be given to a hero. [2]

Yasuki Hachi Edit

Forged but never wielded, [3] the blade spent most of it's long existance in the Crane vaults. After the Battle of Shinsei's Last Hope [4] the Crane Clan Champion Doji Kurohito gifted the blade to the Emerald Champion Yasuki Hachi, [1] in the hopes that his exploits would awaken the spirit of the blade and allow it's true power to come forth. In time the blade would awaken if Hachi wield it without becoming dishonored or accumulating the Shadowlands Taint. [5]

Final Fate Edit

It was believed that the blade was carried by Hachi in 1168 when he travelled into the Shadowlands to protect Emperor Toturi III, and most likely lost or destroyed in the Battle of the Tomb. [citation needed]

Known Wielders Edit


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