The Order of Kanosei Furudera was founded by the ronin shugenja Kanosei in the 6th century. In a small temple which worked as a ronin shugenja academy, and only ronin children and peasants capable of magic were taught, those who would become Kanosei Furudera Shugenja. The dojo laid several dozen miles west of Shinomen Tower, overlooking Chrysanthemum Petal Lake. [1]

Tradition Edit

After their gempukku, most take voluntary pilgrimages throughout the Empire to find lowborn children with the potential to be shugenja. Those who did not often sought enlightenment as members of the Brotherhood of Shinsei, or as komosu. Kanosei's teachings stated that violence was a last resort. Students of Kanosei Furudera wore no distinctive badge. [2]

Wondrous Items Edit

The ronin shugenja became adept at creating their own minor nemuranai, as the Furudera Ofuda Pouch and the Furudera Rice Cake, which occasionally traded to other shugenja who must travel often, such as Jade Magistrates, Witch Hunters, or diplomatic envoys. [3]

Training Edit

Initial schooling consisted entirely of philosophy and ethics, providing a foundation for the sensei to build on. Students spent years learning to perceive the kami directly, and later spent more years observing them. This trained the students to be able to adapt to situations with greater ease. [4] The Order of Kanosei hosted frequent, if small, taryu-jiai tournaments, intended primarily as a test of their students' abilities. A strong secondary training element was hand-to-hand combat, an outgrowth of their cIose relationship with the Brotherhood of Shinsei. [5]

Known Technique Edit

Sensei Edit

The sensei of Kanosei Furudera were volunteers. Sensei taught philosophy and proper living, but little in the way of spellcraft as an academic subject. ref name="Shugenja94"/>

Notable Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit

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