Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Founder of the Order of Kanosei Furudera

Kanosei was a ronin shugenja founder of the Order of Kanosei Furudera in the 6th century. [1]

Shugenja Edit

With the memories of the rise of Iuchiban still fresh in the Empire, a strict orthodoxy had sprung up. Gifted with the ability to speak with the kami, even other ronin were loath to train a clanless shugenja. The kami themselves spoke to Kanosei, though, teaching him the way of the shugenja. During ten years, while Kanosei was wandering Rokugan, he learned from the kami and helped the peasants. [1]

Order Edit

The Temple of Kanosei Furudera was built overlooking Chrysanthemum Petal Lake, to teach only ronin children and peasants capable of magic. The temple was tended by the Brotherhood of Shinsei, close allies of the Order of Kanosei Furudera. [1]

Teachings Edit

Kanosei's teachings stated that violence was a last resort, and fatal measures should only be used when absolutely necessary. Kanosei himself was forced to kill another only twice; he preferred to use guile to achieve his ends. [2]


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